Finish what??? Him.

Good Evening!

Halloween Weekend!

Thursday night..I think…Aaron and I went out in search of Halloween costume items for him.

Here is what we needed to create:


Raiden from Mortal Kombat (minus the blue sash).

We went to Marshalls:


Found a ladies robe:

Took a hilarious video:

Then we went to Michael’s and got white duct tape and then went home and had soup, bread and salad for dinner.

Butternut squash soup + spinach/apple/craisin/almond salad + bread machine rolls:





Friday… I worked then came home and then met Sarah at her house and we went to a pumpkin party. Uhh. So it’s a party with all sorts of pumpkin themed foods:

Dawn’s plate:


Pumpkin hummus??


Dawn (who will probably be very unhappy that I posted this picture):

The party was fun. It was pretty much a bunch of people that I don’t really know and then Sarah and Dawn. Social anxiety… FUN!

Saturday morning, I woke up sort of bright and early and Aaron and I went to North Park to run/bike together!


Aaron wore tights:

It was raining…


I wore the same shirt I always wear…

I think this is post-run?? So we did one lap running together (Aaron ran FIVE miles without stopping!!!) How unfair huh?? It took me months to work my way up to five miles. Ah well. So we did the five miles with an average pace of about 9:30 then the second lap around the lake Aaron rode a bike (my future bike!) and I ran. I didn’t check my pace until the end but it was 10 minute miles. Sloooow but it was fun! We chatted most of the way. At one point Aaron started singing Earth Angel to me and a guy walked past laughing at us. Around mile 8.5-9, I was ready to be DONE. I didn’t feel like running anymore and I was cold, tired and it started raining more around then. I dragged myself along and we finished!

Total run time was 1 hour 38 minutes.


This truck is LITTLE. I’m not a giant.

Ford truck man.

It’s a Mazda.

We showered at our respective houses and then made pancakes and eggs.

Pancakes with blueberry sauce (frozen blueberries and sugar) plus eggs with Swiss chard, onion and cheese:

Aaron has mastered making pancakes.

Okay so that was Saturday up until party time. That’ll be a separate post. I also want to mention that there will soon be BIG changes to announce on the blog and I’m very excited. One of them will probably be discussed either tomorrow or Wednesday. Can’t wait!!!


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