Project 365: Days 5 – 13

Day 5

2013-01-05 11.30.54

We did some weather proofing on our house last weekend.  Aaron did anyway.  I watched the baby.  The previous owners of this crazy house took off the garage door, closed off part of it and put in a random door from outside into the garage.  It’s weird.  This house has all sorts of quirks.  Anyway, it wasn’t secure at all because the house was a foreclosure so the door had been broken into.  We’re planning on eventually making it back into a garage (in the next few..years) but for now, Aaron just fixed the jam, put on a new lock and some weather proofing because the previous owners ran heat into the garage.  Totally normal.

Day 6

2013-01-06 13.24.48

I bought these ornaments at Michaels after Christmas and cut apart one of our Christmas cards and put the pictures in them.  I’ve been trying to do a picture ornament every year since Aaron and I were dating.  I missed last year unfortunately but I have the previous few years.  I’m trying to create traditions over here.

Day 7

2013-01-07 10.20.49

I’m attempting to take up knitting!  I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit for a few years but never did it.  So I finally went out and got the supplies and then watched some videos and read a few tutorials and started.  I only know the “knit” stitch. I haven’t tried to purl yet.  I’m trying to make scarf now and then I’m going to try to actually follow a pattern for the next project.

Day 8

2013-01-08 10.01.53


We received a pack of these Carters striped onesies at Sam’s baby shower in size 6 months.  We dressed him in them constantly so I went out and bought them in size 12 months too since he’s grown out of the 6 months.  He’s 5 months old and wearing 12 month onesies.  He’s a tall one.  Also, I picked this picture to post because I wanted to point out that his bottom looks big in most of the pictures.  He’s wearing a cloth diaper under there so some of his pants don’t fit so well and he looks kind of funny.  We’re doing cloth diapers during the day (mostly) and disposable at night.  We have Charlie Banana one size pocket diapers with reusable inserts.  I love them!  I also have one Bum Genius pocket diaper and it leaks all the time.  I avoid using it.  Not a fan of bum genius.  We have one Fuzzibunz pocket diaper too and I like that one too.  It’s a little harder to stuff than the Charlie Banana and not quite as soft.  Charlie Banana wins.

Day 9

2013-01-09 12.34.28My friend Gina and her mom sent a gift card for Sam for Christmas to The Children’s Place.  I got this sweet sweater and hat.  I love them.

Day 10

2013-01-10 16.49.28

The knitting went down hill a couple of days in.  I messed up some how and had to unravel the whole thing and start over again.  Boo.

Day 11

2013-01-11 13.38.34Tool pajamas.

Day 12

2013-01-12 10.41.36On Sunday, Aaron watched the baby so I could spend a little time doing something by myself.  I ended up going to the ReStore in Edgewood and got this jar for $1.  I also got a few books for Sam and a Christmas record.  Probably my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning is go to yard/estate sales or thrift stores.  I love other people’s stuff.  Luckily Aaron does too.  This summer, Sam will experience early morning estate sales.

Day 13

2013-01-12 16.06.13This picture is just cute.  Sam’s hair grows straight up on top and he has a bald spot in the back.

That’s it for now.  Have a nice Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Project 365: Days 5 – 13

  1. I love estate sales, too! You probably think, Geez, Jessica says she loves everything I love. Bed and Breakfasts, breakfast itself, estate sales, come on. Who does she think she is? But seriously I do. My two favorite finds: a mirror for $20 at an estate sale (LOVE this mirror) and my two favorite lamps in the world–bright yellow ones made of tin. Twenty-five cents total for the both.

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