Sick Days

The poor boy is sick so we’ve been spending our days inside not leaving the house. It makes for kind of lonnng days. We did venture out yesterday to the doctors. Sam has his first ear infection! Also, he hates the pink amoxicilan they prescribed. We’re doing three doses a day because we tried to do two didn’t stay down.


We’ve also been pumping milk and feeding him bottles because he was nursing too fast and then throwing it all up. Pumping in the middle of the night multiple times is even less fun than nighttime nursing sessions.


Wednesday night Sam probably slept three hours total in various places in the house. Definitely not the crib. After that night, Aaron and I were so unbelievably happy that he fell asleep in the crib like normal last night. Three wakings and feedings if i remember correctly (which is questionable).

He seems to be doing better this morning though and is currently napping in the bounce chair. We temporarily abandoned crib napping until he’s doing better.
We did prop up one side of the crib with a book under each leg last night to help with his congestion. (recommended by a pediatrician).

Okay back to focusing on bouncing him with my foot while reading blogs on my phone.

Happy Weekend!

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