Project 365: Day 32 – 40

Aaron quit his job yesterday!  He accepted a new job (doing the same thing) for a different company.  He has training in Cincinnati for a week starting February 25.  Until then, he’s off!  Almost two full weeks!  We debated going on a little trip but ultimately decided against it since Aaron has the training in Ohio and Sam and I are going to tag along too!  I’m not sure I could make it a whole week solo parenting. Single parents are way stronger than me.

Instead of taking a trip, we’re devoting a lot of the time to working on house projects so those pictures will hopefully being coming up in some posts soon.

Day 32
2013-02-01 14.12.07 32Sam has started sitting up on his own!  He balances for a few minutes usually then reaches for something and tips over.  He still prefers standing (supported) to sitting or laying.  Almost every time I try to get him to sit, he straightens his body and won’t bend into a seated position.

Day 33

2013-02-02 18.27.03 33We skipped a few days of solids last week because Sam was sick.  He started throwing up after eating (breast milk) so we didn’t want to aggravate his stomach more by trying to get him to eat food.  We’ve only done sweet potatoes, bananas and avocados so far.  Doesn’t like anything so far but we keep trying.

Day 34

2013-02-03 14.55.23 34Flannel shirt!  It has little corduroy elbow patches too.  I love it.  Aaron loves it.  I bought it at a consignment sale for a couple dollars.

Day 35

2013-02-04 16.27.15 35Rare baby sleeping photo.  Our phones making a noise when you take a photo so we almost never take pictures of Sam sleeping for fear of waking him.  I’m scared to breathe and wake him up, let alone take a photo.  In the above photo though, he had been sleeping for something like 2.5 hours (who knows why) and it was getting kind of late in the day to be napping.  Also note that he is sleeping on our bed (I was lying next to him).  He would never sleep in the crib that long.  He has only napped longer than an hour in the crib one time.  ever.

Day 36

2013-02-05 20.08.11 36

I started baking all of our bread instead of buying it.  We have a bread machine and I’ve been using it to make dough and then making the dough into rolls and baking it in the oven.  Every time I’ve ever made a loaf of bread in the bread machine the whole way through (not just  the dough) it ends up being really dense and we never really like it.  These rolls ended up being light and fluffy and they’re half whole wheat.  I’ve been making a batch of 12 rolls about every 3-4 days.

Day 37

2013-02-06 14.14.17 37Sam. and my finger

Day 38

2013-02-07 08.20.19Sick boy!  Lounging on dad.

Day 39

2013-02-08 14.22.45 39Another sick baby picture.  We had retired the bouncer a month or so ago because Sam really didn’t like it after the first 3 months. We brought it back out while he was sick and he took a bunch of naps in it.  That thing has definitely gotten a lot of use.  He LOVED it the first 3 months.  One of our better baby gear purchases.

Another Day 39

2013-02-08 19.53.03 39And a not so good baby item purchase.  These things stink.  They’re way too scented.  Ugh.

Day 40

2013-02-09 11.51.15 40I went and checked out the light fixtures at Home Depot and sent this picture to Aaron to see if he liked it.  It’s now sitting in a box in the kitchen waiting to be assembled and hung.  We got the four light hanging island light behind the chandelier too.

The next post is definitely going to be heavy on the DIY projects.  I’ve also been thinking about writing a post about breast feeding now that I’ve been doing it exclusively for over six months.   I guess I just have to get my thoughts together for that post.

Have a nice evening!

One thought on “Project 365: Day 32 – 40

  1. I just came for the cheesecake recipes… and stayed :o) I adore this blog…the recipes, the ideas for baking everything from a whipped up dinner using awesome seasonal veggies to on-point reviews of recipes. I also enjoyed the interesting meal plans from a limited, simple, seasonal or readily available set of ingredients and ideas for using healthy foods in interesting combinations way that allows one to appreciate the flavor of the fresh ingredients! I really liked the idea of letting oats soak overnight as opposed to cooking! Who knew! Pam seems to bubble-over with inspirational albeit frugal ideas that we less-talented people could safely attempt. I am also a fan of the ‘cooking from scratch’ preference to control salt, sugar, and fat — and the desire to put more healthy ingredients and combinations wherever possible while enjoying unique ways to prepare them. Thanks for sharing these posts, ideas, and reviews of foods via your blog and especially your way with taking ordinary into the realm of ‘quite special and memorable’! I’ll be checking in frequently to see what new ideas Pam has. (PS – I loved the idea of altering those unattractive clearance-table note cards into something perfectly trendy, personalized, and functional with an overlay of labels and adhesive touches – too cool!)

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