Sitting in the car

I’m 30 minutes early for a meeting right now. Sitting outside of the building listening to the radio. Aaron is home with the baby and will be putting him to bed tonight while I’m out. He’s been up with no nap since 230 so it won’t be too difficult.

Aaron is off work this week as he transitions to a new job which i mentioned. Last week was devoted to the diy projects and so far this week has been errands. So many errands. Aaron isn’t even working this week and we feel like we have no time.. It’s hard to balance all of the activities we do everyday. It’s all a big balancing act which i was never very good at before we had a baby let alone now. It’s only been six months of this new life with a baby and i think it generally takes me two years to get used to big change. That sounds like a long time..and it might be. But that’s how it usually goes.

Aaron and i are getting used to our new life though and figuring out what our “calling” is and how we like to spend our time and live our lives. I guess it’s just transition time for us as we figure out who we are now and how to orchestrate the chaos.

It’s wonderful chaos though. Crazy, non sleeping baby and all.


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